Monday, May 28, 2012

Started Testing Scanners for the 2012 Benchmark!

Well, it took me some time to finish the new version of the assessment platform, but now I'm all set and ready to go.
I've just started testing Web Application Vulnerability Scanners for the 2012 scanner comparison. The benchmark will cover freeware, open-source and commercial web application scanners, including newly published tools, many tools that were not assessed in the last benchmark, and even tools that usually fall under different categories.
The test will enable any previously assessed product a chance to improve its previous score (all the previous wavsep test-cases will be included in each product assessment), and also allow tools to excel in new categories.

Want to improve your previous score, get your product in the list, or even conquer the top?
Now's a good time to notify me about your product, and provide me with a license.